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Conservancy Works & Research Shop (CWRS) is a practice dedicated to the stewardship and safeguarding of historic built environments and cultural traditions. Founded by Swapna Kothari, a Cornell University alumna, past engagement has involved work with the National Trust for Historic Places (USA), the Archaeological Survey of India, local heritage bodies (both, public and non-profit), individual owners of historic properties as well as national defense agencies.

The CWRS was founded in 2016 with an aim to bring together the need for better conservation appreciation of tools and theory. CWRS delivers works focusing on originality, timeliness and need of the project. 

Emergency Restorations

Services offered touch both spectrum of actual conservation works (site, structure, objects, and more) to research works for built environments, cultural traditions, intangible heritage and evolutions of materials and construction systems.

CWRS aspires to also grow into becoming a workshop for practicing of hands-on trade in conservation for repairs to historical objects and small urban structures. Apart from conserving built-spaces, Swapna advocates for promoting heritage education and research via non-profits and school education.

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